Resources (Leadership)

How to Make a Movement. Derek Shivers. (Video, 2011, 5 mins.)

Ten Leadership Theories in Five Minutes. Prof. Michael Zigarell. (Video, 2013, 5 mins.)

The Art of Conscious Leadership –  Compassion and Wisdom. Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO. (Video, 2010, 20 mins.)

The Happy Secret to Better Work. Dr. Shawn Anchor. (Video, 2011, 14 mins.)

Leadership and Compassion – Empathy and Compassion in Society. Daniel Goleman. (Video, 2013, 13 mins)

Excerpt from New Leadership Paradigm presentation. Prof. Richard Barrett. (Video, 2010, 30 mins)

CEO Whole Foods creating high trust organizations . John Mackey. (Video, 2010)

From Good to Great: What Defines a Level V Leader? Mark Thompson. (Video, 2009, 3 mins)

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership. Peter Salovey. (Video, 2010)

Manager Your Emotional Culture by Sigal Barsade & Olivia A O’Neill, Business Harvard Review. (Online Article, 2016)

The Limits of Empathy by Adam Waytz (2016), Business Harvard Review. (Online Article, 2016).

In Praise of Followers by Robert Kelley (1988). Harvard Business Review. (Online Article, 1988)

A Very Short Fairly Interesting Book About Leadership by Brad Jackson and Ken Parry. (Book, 2011)

The Importance Of Teaming by Professor Amy Edmondson. Harvard Business School. (Online Article, 2012)

Forgiveness in the Workplace by David Williams. Forbes. (Online Article, 2015)