Informal Leadership Playground

The intention behind the informal leadership roundtable is to:

  • Promote collective reflection and awareness amongst organizational leaders
  • Explore and exploit the collective wisdom to promote organizational transformation
  • Foster community, coaching, mentorship and self-directed learning
  • Nurture creativity, courage and practical application.
  • Offer a place for leaders to play and develop specific skills about leadership, conflict resolution.

The interactive model includes:

  • Inspiring presentations, experiances and story
  • Dialogue that explores thought-provoking questions, successes and challenges
  • Stirs application and future action.

I value formal education highly.  And I believe that that there is an informal education that isn’t fully exploited within our internal resource base that serves to integrate the “left” and “right” side of organizations. Tapping into the internal private network of knowledge acts as a powerful catalyst for organizational alignment while cultivating organizational growth and sustainability.

The difference and uniqueness of an informal program are:

  • voluntary participation
  • informal and self-determination – leaders explore topics of interest
  • promotes influence through transparency
  • fosters pause and reflection
  • embraces diverse thinking and generative dialogue
  • cultivates application of knowledge.

This is a highly cost effective way to promote learning, creativity and growth within organizations.  Call Tara 604-341-2002.