We're in this together

As a neutral consultant, I can help your organization manage conflict – the helpful and unhelpful conflict.

Is it your job to address these issues in your organization?

  • Change
  • Conflict – healthy conflict that grows organization needs to be cultivated and toxic conflict managed
  • Employee productivity, retention, and morale
  • Profits
  • Corporate healing circles – change, traumatic events (i.e. loss of an employee, violence, layoffs) supported help re-engage connectivity and healthy workplace.

You get that good relationships = good bottom line (effective conflict resolution improves teams and increases profits). And you know it’s important to address these issues appropriately, effectively and in a timely way, improving the outlook for organizations and teams.

Let’s do this.

I’m Tara Kowalski. I can help renovate your conflict, having supported hundreds of people to tackle:

  • Leadership issues
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Change management.

The interface of conflict management, change management, leadership and communication in a way that teams with your people and strengths is how I help you achieve your visions and goals.

I transform issues through seminars, coaching, healing circles, leadership retreats, mediation, and transition assistance. I individualize my services to meet your time, budget, and personal requirements.

I practice what I call workplace interest-based, appreciative, restorative action, with demonstrated positive results. I help uncover the “Why” and the “How”, and work with you to turn a negative into a positive. We need to learn how to cultivate and embrace positive conflict to support innovation and growth and manage the toxic conflict that gets in the way of realizing the goal.

Contact me because:

  • I’m qualified and quick to deliver
  • Your situation matters to me, and
  • I provide unmatched, personalized service.

I have a solid base of business insight and experience, with strong conflict resolution knowledge and expertise, so I can see and understand varied perspectives.

If you’re ready to renovate your conflict, contact me today. I will work with you to get a better understanding of your organization and your requirements, and then give you a free estimate, based on your needs and your budget.


“You are an amazing collaborator with a vibrant personality and a willingness. You clearly know and enjoy your work, and this greatly assisted in the progress that occurred over the last two days. I am glad you were here.”

“With your support, I was able to overcome negative feelings, and enter into discussions with an open mind. The process reawakened my self awareness too which is essential to how I lead and support others.  Upon reflection, I see that I was complacent in my job, and approach to life.   Today, I find myself listening, not just to the words, but to intent and meaning. I think you are very skilled in conflict resolution, and passionate about opening peoples hearts and minds.”