Are You Reaching Your Potential?

Dynamic coaching to turn your vision into reality.

With perception, planning and insight, we will build solutions to reach the results you want: for yourself, your career, your team or your organization.  Coaching can be offered to individuals and to groups.  Small group coaching build personal development and peer sounding boards in developing skills in the art of communication, emotional intelligence, leadership, change and conflict resolution.

I’m Tara Kowalski, and I’d like to help guide you toward your future. Together, we will discover innovative ways to work on:

  • Your approach – is it the most effective?
  • Your challenges and successes
  • Your blind spots – everyone has them!
  • Strategies to get you to your targets.

What I have that will help you:

  • A deep base in conflict resolution, change, communication and developing personal skills
  • A solid foundation in business and management
  • Relevant education
  • Creativity, empathy, energy

What are you looking at right now?

  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Leadership systems
  • Conflict within yourself
  • Supporting change management or organizational transition
  • Team dynamics support
  • Developing: “complete communication”, empathy, self-regard/assertion, vision, dealing with emotions or dealing with challenging behaviours…and do on.
  • Your goals.

Contact me because:

  • I’m qualified and quick to deliver
  • Your situation matters to me, and
  • I provide unmatched, personalized service.

I provide the “Why” and the “How”, and work alongside you to renovate and grow confidently to living your aspired vision.

Contact me today. I will work with you to get a better understanding of your situation and objectives, tailor my services and approach to best guide you to realize your potential, and give you a free estimate, based on your needs and your budget.


“Tara, at first I was going to tell you how much you saved me, but I realized I saved myself with your guidance. Thank you.”